Manhattan Walking Tours

with Vadim Pevzner

Manhattan Walking Tours

with Vadim Pevzner


I have lived most of my life in New York. More precisely, in the most intense part of it – the Village. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of the city and my own experiences with friends and acquaintances who visit New York. At first, these were spontaneous and informal events, gradually they turned into business venture.

The walks I offer are not the traditional bus monotone, but rather a way to immerse yourself in the real city.

Vadim Pevzner

The following excursions are currently offered:

#1: Independent Republic of Greenwich Village

Independent Republic of Greenwich Village (Washington Square and Surroundings, the place where Marcel Duchamp and other members of the Liberal Club, after a serious drinking binge in 1917, proclaimed the creation of the independent Republic of Greenwich Village, Roosevelt House, a former women’s prison in the center of the Village, the empire of New York university, former stables converted into exclusive living space, Sheridan Square with street figures of Georges Segal, Stonewall and the aftermath, the party venue President Kennedy chose for his campaign, the oldest cafe in the Village, non-euclidean space in West Village, former hotel for poor, where Theodore Dreiser stayed for 25 cents a day, early 20th century bohemian hangouts and beatniks (Alain Ginsberg, Kerouac, and others), where Bob Dylan’s first public appearance took place, Dylan’s house in the 60s and 70s, the place of the first performances of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Patti Smis and other famous rockers, Blowjob taverns, where Alain Ginsberg drank his first alcoholic drink, the residence of Brodsky and the famous Soviet spies Rosenbergs, secret kindergarten “no noise of the city”, authentic Belgian, Ethiopian, Japanese places and institutions, the oldest house in the Vilage).

#2: On the Other Side of Broadway

Beyond Broadway: East Village (Astor Place, Cooper Union, Sun Mark Place, St. Mark’s Church, cultural Mecca of local bohemians, off-Broadway theaters, galleries and art houses, Sun Mark Place as a cultural institution, alternative music shops where find films that were not included in the collection of blockbusters, specialty bookstores, Tomkins Square, places of political protests, places where New York punk culture was formed, pre-Julian New York bohemia, alphabet city, places where the whigstock began, the main editorial office of the Village Voice”, paradoxical cohabitation of Ukrainian and Indian cultures, Little Russia in East Village, authentic and the only non-Americanized Russian bath in Manhattan), the oldest bar (since 1858) in New York, East Village and gendrification, the last remnants of junk art in New York unparalleled Yew York clothing and accessories stores, the famous Veniros candy store that has been operating for over a hundred years, Japanese culture and the Village (Japanese supermarket, secret Japanese bar with the largest selection of sake in this city, the best (and inexpensive) Japanese restaurants in New York), the legendary rock club “CBGB”.

#3: Big Apple Introductory Tour

Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park, Trinity Church, Statue of Liberty, Federal Palace – the site of the inauguration of the first President of the United States, Brooklyn Bridge, New York City Hall, the world’s first skyscraper, Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo District, UN building, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Saint Patrick Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Dakota Building, Central Park. If time permits, we could also visit some of these destinations: Harlem, Lincoln Center, Flatiron Building, 5th Avenue, Tribeca, South Sea Port, Brooklyn, Brighton Beach, Bronx, Queens and more.

#4: New York for Foodies

New York for gourmets (secret places of connoisseurs of good food: see the shop where the famous mayor of Koch shopped for meat, stop by the best sushi in the city, health food stores, exotic foods, farmers markets in the center of the Village, authentic New York pizza, 200 varieties of coffee from all over the World, specialized cheese shops, stores to buy inexpensive but high-quality wine; learn how to tell a good restaurant from a tourist trap one. Explore the true authentic establishments with Japanese, Thai, French, Belgian, British, Ethiopian cuisines and much more).

#5: Anarchy Is Order

Village, immigration, politics: abandoned synagogues, Jewish emigration from Russia at the beginning of the last century, places of anarchist parties, the last place of residence of Emma Goldman before her deportation to the Soviet Union in 1919, where and what Trotsky did in 1917 in East Village, residence of Soviet spies, Mayor of La Guardia and New York, Tomkins Square and youth protests of the 80s – early 90s, where and under what circumstances the famous exhibition of objects made from the American flag and banned by the police on the 3rd day after opening took place, city politics before and after Giuliani, “Leninist” places in New York, Little Japan, China, India, Ukraine, Russia, Italy; where “drunken bards with acoustic guitars” were hiding from the police in 1961 and who was a lawyer at their trial, terrorists in Greenwich Village in 70.

#6: The Village and its Surroundings

A walk along East and West Village, including various elements of other tours.

#7: From Out-fit to Far-out

East and West Village tour, including various elements of other tours with an emphasis on the history of New York fashion, in particular: boutiques where Yew York fashionistas, dandies, drag queens, and artistic youth shop, places to buy hip-hop pants and rave outfit, a unique and unmatched custom silver store, New York Punk, Shoe Store Quarter, retro 70s and 80s clothes and where to find them in East Village, fancy accessories stores, condom establishment, quality and affordable alternatives to corporate standards and faceless mega-malls. The most advanced New York designers of clothing and accessories.


To place an order or to get additional information about tours, prices, and services (restaurants, airports, arrival at hotels, other destination management, discounts for students, etc.) please call (201) 786-3231, or email: [email protected]

To place an order or to get additional information about tours, prices, and services (restaurants, airports, arrival at hotels, other destination management, discounts for students, etc.)
please call (201) 786-3231,
or email: [email protected]

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